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About Mercann Hijab; Discover Global Elegance with Mercan Hijab – On Sale in 8 Stores in 86 Countries and Turkiye! Mercan Hijab, founded in 1992, proudly presents itself to you as a leading Islamic clothing brand, our products are available in 86 countries around the world. At the same time, we provide services with our 8 stores throughout Turkiye. Our principle of offering high-quality, stylish and modest clothing in accordance with Islamic Decrees has made us a global brand for those who combine tradition and modernity.

Masum Demircan..

Fashion Democracy

Coral Hijab aims to empower women about their identities and beliefs through fashion. Our clothing is not only a fabric, but also an expression of self-confidence, individuality and taking care of the roots. Discover a unique combination of a modest and stylish world with Mercan Hijab, it is on sale in 86 countries around the world and in Turkiye with our 8 stores. Upgrade your wardrobe with Islamic fashion that is compatible with your values. Start shopping immediately and embark on a journey of self-expression and humble elegance.

In addition to being a pioneer in hijab fashion, as Mercan Hijab, we also bear the responsibility of being a brand that is sensitive to society and the environment. Sustainable production and fair trade principles form the basis of our business. As a brand that adds not only elegance but also meaning to the fashion world, we are determined to contribute to a sustainable future.

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Welcome! As Mercan Hijab, we serve you with our collections that leave a mark on hijab fashion and each detail has been carefully selected. Who are we, what do we aim for and why are we special to you? Discover Mercan Hijab’s story and values ​​in this “About” page of ours

Mercan Hijab keeps customer satisfaction and quality standards above all else. Transparency, honesty and a customer-focused approach are the core values ​​of our brand. We aim to offer a special experience to our customers by prioritizing the meaning and elegance of each design.

Discover Global Elegance with Mercan Hijab – On Sale in 8 Stores in 86 Countries and Turkiye!

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